Since reading The Ox Cart Man, by Donald Hall, as kids and rediscovering it with our children, we have been inspired to recreate the simplicity and wholesomeness of making something from scrath and connecting with local artisans in the North East who are still mastering these traditional crafts. our commitment to serving 100% grass - fed beef at the restaurants enabled to make direct connections with farmers and slaughterhouses in the N.E. and to develop a whole animal program. Each season we receive cows, pigs, goats, lambs, chickens, ducks, geese and rabbits from all over New England and upstate NY and Pennsylvania. It is all broken down and portioned out to the restaurants at our butcher shop. The only part of the animal that we hadn't been using in 2007 was the hide. So, after 10 years of dreaming together of a simple leather goods brand, we found a tannery upstate who would custom tan the cow and pig hides of the animals that we serve in the restaurants, and our new company was born. 

We now purchase the raw wool and the pelts from the Icelandic lambs and ewes that we serve in the restaurant and turn it into yarn, sweaters, blankets, rugs and sheepskins. We also have broadened our approach and purchase all of our farmers' hides instead of just the animals that they send to our restaurants. Learning about each step in the process from raw material all the way to the finished product and supporting the crafts women and men that make it all happen is what drives us. Everything is processed within a 2 hours drive of NYC and sold at our Marlow Goods Shop at 60 E. 4th Street, NY NY. 10003. Come visit us!