Our natural veg tanned leather is not treated with any chemical protectorants. The leather's impermeability increases with wear, as the oils from your skin naturally give it a protective coating. It is quite miraculous, but those first few drops of rain on it when you are just taking it out for a spin, are likely to give you a heart attack. If you are brave enough to just see what happens, it will be worth the gamble; however, if you would like to give it a protective coating right off the bat I would strongly recommend taking it straight to your favorite cobbler. They have numerous products with they are familiar with applying, and they will professionally treat it. If you would like to apply a product on your own, we love Brooklyn Leather wax which will be applied with a brush, as well as Otter wax leather oil which should be applied with a rag. It can be very tricky applying oil evenly to the bag in order to not create streaking and staining on your own, so be warned. 

Once your bag is well loved, caring for it is much easier. Again, you can pamper it by applying the leather oil to well-loved and dry spots. 

If you do get a big oil stain on it, proceed directly back to that cobbler and see what he or she can do for you. Cobblers sometimes do spot treatment with shampoo, or use sand paper to sand off the stain! If those methods don't work then I would recommend heavily oiling your bag so that the darkened color of the stain becomes the darkened color of the entire bag.


We hope that your enjoyment of our products increases over time. If you have any concerns about something you have purchased, please share them with us. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please email us straight away at contact@marlowgoods.com . If you ship your unworn purchase back to us to: Marlow Goods, 60 E. 4th Street, Ground Floor, NY, NY.10003, then we will issue a store credit.  We are sorry that we can longer offer refunds on online orders. All sales are final on discounted goods.